Welcome! You’re well on your way to making some serious cash as a hobby with your digital camera!

And you know the best bit? You won’t need an expensive camera, lots of time, or see any clients (unless you want to).

In the past if you wanted to make money with your camera, you had to setup your shingle as a professional photographer. There was a large outlay in building a studio, advertising, not to mention taking photography courses so you knew what you were doing.

Fortunately, with the power of the Internet, all that has changed. Be one of the first to ride the new wave by following the simple tips here.

And the best bit is that there is not just one way! Over the next few days I’ll be covering each of the following:

Create Stunning Stock Photography

This is my personal fave method for making money with your camera. It’s fantastic because you can create the photos when you want to (not when a client needs you to); upload to the Internet for a worldwide audience from the comfort of your own home; and rake in the cash 24 hours a day – even while you’re asleep!

I’ll show you what kinds of photos to take, how to take them, where to upload, what sites to avoid (you don’t want to miss this), how much to charge, and how to earn a residual monthly income on every single one of your photos.

Photographing Real Estate or Cars in your Home Town

There is a huge market for photographers who will go to a location, and shoot an asset – be it a house, car or boat. Why? When someone in your local town gets insurance or a loan, the company needs photographs. In most cases they won’t have a local ‘rep’ in your home town to take those photos and it’s too expensive for them to send someone themselves.

That’s where you come in. Spending 15 minutes photographing a house for an insurance company can make you between $25-$100. And as it doesn’t take long to complete each photograph, think of how many you can do in a day!

Your Own ‘Rebel’ Photography Business

This one takes a little more work, and you will need to see clients, but this system ‘takes the cake’ for being able to make the most money with your camera.

With the techniques that I outline, you’ll be able to setup your own photography business with a studio ‘on the cheap’. You’ll use rebel marketing techniques to get customers flocking to your door.

Event Photography

This is another brand new field of photography only possible with the use of the Internet. With this method, you’ll quickly gain popularity as the ‘go-to’ person for great shots. And the money is pretty good as well!

None of this is ‘get rich quick’. You will need to spend a little time taking some photos.

But the beauty is that you only need to spend the time you want to spend. Don’t want to work today? Sit back and just watch the residual monthly income grow!

Tomorrow I’ll start with my favorite… How To Create Stunning Stock Photography without interfering with your current work schedule. Watch your mailbox for my email!

Until then…

Yours in Photography,